Hot Forging

Stampaggio a caldo

One of Berco’s strengths is most certainly the company’s hot forging technology know-how, developed over 90 years of history. The twenty hot forging lines are proof of how important this technology is for Berco. Every year, the systems make:

  • 8,000,000 chain links
  • 2,000,000 semi rollers
  • 500,000 segments, drive wheels and large size bottoms

To feed this impressive system, Berco maintains over 3000 sets of dies using a modern tooling system with next-generation, high-speed machine tools.
Hot forging allows to obtain a considerably better finishes and better product quality with respect to casting, without the faults such as pinholes on the surface or inside the casting, which may seriously compromise product reliability and often cause production rejects.
This aspect combined with the increasing difficulty in finding high quality cast products has driven Berco to make the strategically decision to hot forge even large size products used on mining machinery which work in very heavy conditions of wear and load.
For this reason, Berco has recently invested considerable resources first on the largest hot forging line named “Maxi-Press”, in which the main element is a 32,000 ton screw press, and then installing a smaller line with a 16,000 ton screw press.