Heat Treatment

Trattamenti termici Berco

The Berco heat treatment processes are the focus of continuous innovation to guarantee superior quality products with excellent wear resistance in all conditions of use. Furthermore, Berco continuously carries out in-depth studies on the materials most suited to satisfying the wide range of undercarriage component applications.
Heat treatment processes are optimised for all product types. The following methods are used today:
– induction quenching: available on over 46 production lines
– differential quenching: four lines, direct quenching on line after forging: installed on nine lines,
– tempering furnaces : two for links and segments, three of bottoms and two “general purpose”,
– lines with dual chamber case-carburising furnaces (seven in total).

The main process parameters (temperature gradients, time, temperatures, chemical composition etc.) are constantly monitored in real time by computerised systems connected to the company network to guarantee the high quality of heat treatment standards.  Berco has gained remarkable industrial expertise over the years to optimise these processes and integrate them with other processing steps to obtain superior products.