Tecninche di produzione Berco - Automazione

The long production system renovation and upgrading process started in 1988. Over the decades, considerable resources have been invested and new production technologies – of the most modern available on the market – have been adopted.
This radical transformation has allowed to reach multiple objectives, such as: greater production capacity, considerable transformation method rationalisation, higher flexibility and better manufacturing cycle reliability.
A key part in this technological innovation process is attributed to automation applied to logistic processes (storage and retrieval machines etc.) and for handling components during the various stages of production. The wide range of products and processes present at Berco has allowed to develop a deep knowledge in robotics and automation over the years. The technical solutions implemented at Berco include wrist robots, gantry robots, hydraulic handlers with self-learning capacities, stacker cranes for handling pallets and much more.
In addition to higher product quality, the benefits of these applications certainly include relieving operators from heaviest, most repetitive jobs which, in turn, improves quality and safety in the company considerably.